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    John Brennan and James Clapper are back in the Biden administration
    In the satirical 1956 musical Li’l Abner, one of the songs is entitled “The Country’s In The Very Best of Hands,” and it makes the point that incompe…
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    New here. Today is my first time here so I can't see much yet & working on learning how the site works. Looks like I need contacts to see more ? I'm 65 and been married to the same old hen for 50 years. Not super religious, Not into seeing anyone's naked pics, I Only message if needed, I'm not Un-Friendly I just don't like to type a whole lot. I don't care what color you are or what you'r faith may be. "Except Islam" I actually have a few Muslim friends They laugh at 72 virgins, never cut off anyone's head and are normal hard working family men. I was raised to treat others with respect, However I won't be walked on. I return exactly what I receive. I believe folks that disagree with me make the very best friends, That's how one learns. Well that's all folks.... Hope to make lots of friends.

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