BREAKING: President Trump Speaks After Big Tech Shutdown

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Live broafcast President Trump .

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    we are played by FOX once again 

    I will set a new link via autch movement

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    But theres a delay . There is alot going on rn so there can be a delay anytime.

    please patriots if u find news that somethng is going down share it 

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    The video will be checked by software and qanon will comfirm if the video was real 

    later on today 

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    A video on YouTube? Can we really trust it? Unless it's directly from him on the ebs, I'm highly skeptical 

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      Probably not!

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      Me too but i have heard from a reliable source the movie  will be checked by software if it was false or true 

      we know deepstate has software to make people speak in movie what is completly fake 

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    Just joined but sure can't see how I have gained. I wanted to see and hear the video posted of trump speech on 1/11/2021 but can't 

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