africans get things last of course. 
also very difficult. 
there is a new security world after this. 
enough federal neocon english can verse them through the hamas-cnn in our apartments. 
get y'all some nice hongkong english neurolinguistic grammatical particles. 
but the english language is almost free. 
there is a typical stranger/aggression filter. 
which prevents your infrastructural submissions to social media. 
black ppl will stop having seizures soon, as well. 
it takes some jesus.
the whole dome is as big as a marble
they make you very mad for your english
and your apartheid speech for copenhagen and the master-race countries
the feds still tunnel for my 'anger-english'
but we have cyrillic grammar-marks for english language command
after securing russian sometime in 2017
english will recieve more effectual grammar for array soon
over race-grabbing
(bbc/sky and the like)

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rus - trump - chavez
vzla - russian hacker

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    probably because only neo-;iberal;sd have the 'sentence structures'

    perhaps binary will help, though
    if you want a binary for regulation, pls say

    you will need them, to say at somepoint

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    Hi Stuxxy, I think some of us have problems understanding your sentence structures. Do you use your language than translate it online? That may create wrong translations. Just try to write on your own way of thinking . I am sure many of us would ask questions until we get the meaning of what you tried to say. Also, Russian, and Latin languages have expressions that translated in English don't make sense. Seems that English and German have another way of thinking and expressing ideas. Best Regards,

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