Vax Free Society

Vax Free Society

We are at a precipice of no return. We have to start closing ranks and forming networks within society to achieve a normal way of life.

Here are some ideas to get people started.

  • create a list of small business that are vax free friendly
  • create a logo to easily identify these small businesses
  • create a list a medical centres that are vax free friendy
  • create a list of farmers that will trade with vax free groups
  • create a distribution network within the vax free society that operates by a click and collect or drop off service
  • create a public school program for vax free children
  • create a barter program within the vax free society
  • maintain cash as payment for goods and services
  • create a financial service that vax free society can use for goods and services
  • create a support network for vax free society
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Cristina Curatolo

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    Vax free school = homeschool.  Been doing it for 13 years. The homeschool community is generally much more conservative than the rest of America.  There you can find mask free communities.  But I don’t feel like that’s enough.  Today I was threatened by my local public library with a 911 call and jail time if I tried to pick up my books inside the library without a mask.  This is insane.  I actually already have a medical exemption card and they flatly told me over and Over that there are no exemptions.  I will be filing an affidavit of discrimination.  This whole thing will need to be fought in court. 

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      You are right. I wish you good luck with the court.(I know that even red states are filled with crazy people, but if you live in a blue one, then you really have an uphill battle)

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      I also showed a religious exemption card.  Same response.  Sheeple.   Everywhere 

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