12 Things to do to stop Big Corporations to steal your money
1. Pay cash.
2. When you get your salary, cash the check and pay from your hand. Seeing the money go will stop you spending so fast.
3. Do not borrow money from banks!
4. Do not pay banks early (they will make money on yours), and do not pay late(that penalty is to make money on your back too)!
5. Do not trust Big Pharma, Big Tech and Main Stream Media. Research and question anything you hear. Use logic and critical thinking before any decision.
6. Do not go to college for unuseful degree. Keep going to cheaper colleges that give you a real job after finishing.
7. Do not buy what you don't need.
8.Brands do not mean quality, but "pay me more". Do not fall for FOMO BS. competition with neighbours, family, classmates or coworkers.
9. Any buy must have long standing value (eg. a sweater that really keeps you warm, washes and dry well and keeps you for years, not for 5 washes.
10. Stay with your parents until you accumulate enough to buy your own house. There is nothing wrong to share the space if there is not bad blood in the family.
11. Keep your kids homeschooled with the help of other likeminded parents. Is cheaper, more secure phisically and secure mentally too (no more leftist brainwashing).
12.Start exchanging childcare and services such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, ...) with qualified neighbours. You do not need a khol faucet if the no name brand works just as well. A name does not give functionality.
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